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Security & Content Filtration

If you've talked with us you may have heard us compare 'Antivirus Software' to 'Insurance'. We have never heard an insurance agent offer a great insurance policy, with all of the coverage you need, and there's no premium. It's because effective quality protection really can't be free. We're not saying that free antivirus software doesn't work, but we are disclaiming that if you use a free software package, beware.

By using industry-leading tools, we have the ability to prevent many malicious software applications from even becoming a problem, by blocking them before they access your computer's hard drive. Its often heard, the best offense is a good defense. Help us protect you with our managed services, and properly defend your computer.

Don’t let spyware control your computer. Feel like your computer is running slow, or not connecting properly? Getting pop-ups and advertisements that you wish you could get rid of? Ever have your internet browser take you somewhere you didn't intend? Let us help you clean your computers and keep them clean. Many of even the most severe problems can be solved quickly and we'll often have your computer back to you within 1-2 business days.

Ever wonder where your family, or your employees, are spending their time out on the internet? Seem to have a lot of problems with productivity, or maybe the situation calls for more control of your network? Content filtration is something that is on the minds of many parents, and also many business owners and managers. It's not even so much about 'control' but more about prevention and protection. Are you doing your due diligence to 'protect' your network and its users? Allow our specialists to work with you and provide one of our many partnered solutions for protecting your network.
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