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Repair & Recovery

Let's face it, sometimes bad things just happen. Whether you are faced with an 'accident' or an unexpected system failure, both of these situations can lead to a 'bad day' for the user or business that is affected. Possibly the situation isn't even hardware related, and you're faced with more of a virus or software corruption issue.

This is where our team of specialists comes into play, providing a solution to your specific problem. Starting with our ability to diagnose the root cause, following through with our ability to provide the most appropriate resolution and continuing on with follow-up services after the repair has been completed; all of these processes can exhibit how our team really outshines the competition.

Crashed or inaccessible hard drive? If we cannot access your files, we have business partners who offer full data recovery services. Let our techs review the condition of your drive, and do a quick check to see if the data is still there, but just 'scrambled'. We can usually recover the data onsite.
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